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Sam McCoy, Registered Patent Agent

USPTO Registration #70308

Sam has spent his entire life with his hands in the dirt.  A farmer’s son and a farmer himself in his formative years, Sam understands the vast amount of hard work, dedication and perseverance it takes to make a living off of the land.  We place a high value on a strong work ethic and irreproachable moral character and these principles carry through today with Perennial Patent Co.

Having worked in Intellectual Property management with a specialty in Ornamental Horticulture for nearly a decade, Sam understands the challenges facing your business: market pressures, labor issues, weather, regulation, etc.  We are very sensitive to these realities and apply this experience to take a very simple and straightforward approach to Patent Prosecution.  With the emergence of new technology and new challenges, the agribusiness landscape is ever-changing.  Let us help you keep pace.



Specialties include:

  • Plant Patents for turf & ornamental plants
  • Utility Patents for agronomic and ornamental seed crops
  • Crop Variety Protection administration
  • Utility Patents for non-agricultural, simple mechanical inventions